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Ep. 14: “Told You So.” -Your Intuition

We all know the truth by the way it feels, so today I encourage each of you to tap into your superpower, your intuition. Don’t let your ego interrupt her, listen to the subtle messages, make time today (and everyday) to get quiet, because she’s constantly trying to help you. Spirit is conversing with you all day long.

In Saha language: Your gut knows wassup, truth that bitch. Below is a reading that I did on today’s show.

CARD 1: What can we do MORE to tune into our inner GPS?

Queen of Cups: Such a straight forward answer.  LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS.  Take time out of your day for prayer/meditation.

CARD 2: What can we do LESS to tune into our inner GPS?

10 of Wands: Stop making excuses like you’re too busy.  Make time!

CARD 3: What are we going to gain from doing this?

3 of Swords: Healing

For a more detailed version, tune into the podcast.

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