Dis is your weekly #TITAscopes—they always going be on “Hawaiian Time” (late) cuz I posting these on Tuesdays. Dis week (7/8 – 7/14) we get one Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Look up your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. An no mix dis wit Western Astrology ah!

If you rather listen to them, check out today’s episode.


Choke changes surrounding your beliefs or what you tink you know about stuff. You might be tinking about traveling as well or starting one new journey that will expand your horizons.


Intense kine feelings around finances and your sex life going come up over da next couple weeks. Find balance in da give and da take.


Invest time in your relationships and don’t make tings only about you. Try tink about how can you help expand someone’s life or help dem on their personal journey chru life.


Change your beliefs surrounding your health and day-to-day activities. Time to start a new way of doing tings that will help you in the long run.


Make time for some fun, get choke stuff going on Astrologically so the energy is pretty intense. Do tings that make you happy and get out of this yucky vibe when you get time.


Pay attention to what da ‘ohana (family) needs. Help dem out but make time for yourself too.


Say more of what you actually mean, don’t filter yourself for the sake of not getting into an argument. Be honest.


If you’re having issues with money, don’t look at it as drama, just find one solution!


You guys going through one huge turning point, you might feel like you want to change da way you look and you might be going through relationship issues. Focus more on yourself.


Try let go of shadow aspects of yourself (da tings you no like about yourself). Look to da addah houses in your sidereal natal chart to get an idea of wat dat might deal wit.


Find balance between da tings you do for yourself and your friends. Make sure you’re going after your dreams and also making time for social time.


Sort out any work related kine issues. No work too hard.