Last week Friday, I gifted myself a new bible. I wanted a different version and also something I wouldn’t be too upset for ‘ruining’ because I wanted to take notes in this bible and mark it up. I can’t get myself to do that with my She Reads Truth Bible because it was a little pricey. So I go to Barnes & Noble’s, find an inexpensive Bible and when I get home, I don’t even feel drawn to it. I don’t know what that was about. I totally thought I was going to open it up and start bible studying, instead I worked on creating — what I’m calling — my “Spiritual Journal.” I think nothing of the Bible being neglected. The next day, I still don’t feel like opening the Bible up, and that went on until Tuesday, today. But when I opened it, a thought came to me and it was to give it to The Beefcake.
I laughed to myself and thought “he sooooo will not want this Bible” but I asked anyway. To my surprise, he said “I’ve been wanting to read a book lately, so yeah, I’ll take it.”
I was shook and happy and excited. He’s usually pretty resistant to religion and probably only goes to church because we go, for him to accept this is a big deal.

Then later that morning, this happened.

This is how you get laid, fellas. #thankmelater

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