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the ultimate divine feminine day!

Time to take this day back, and learn what it’s really all about. The patriarchy has us thinking it is a day of bad luck in order to suppress women empowerment.

Friday (Freya’s Day) was named for Freya — an irresistible, Norse warrior goddess of beauty. She exuded sexuality and fertility, and was connected with war and witchcraft. She was an unstoppable expression of divine femininity pre-patriarchal times, and she is also known as Venus in Roman mythology.

In Celtic and Norse cultures, 13 is a LUCKY number as it celebrates this goddess since 13 is her sacred number. Every 8 years, Venus orbits the Sun 13 times, and during that 8 year cycle, she passes between the Sun and Earth five times — which completes her five Synodic Period. You do the math. This sacred number also correlates with the Fibonacci Sequence, and how many menstrual cycles an average woman has in a year — which is a direct reflection of the Moon’s (the symbol of women) different phases as well.

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Educate yourself. You have an abundant amount of knowledge right at your fingertips, my loves.

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Dear Diary,


I’m off to Utah today, going to take the kids to see my parents. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I want to make sure we spend time with him because you never know when it’s our time to go back to Source.

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Getting Hitched

I’m getting wifed up next month! 💍 Now I can finally lose my virginity! 👉🏽👌🏽 On the real, we got my ring today, need to get it sized because it’s too loose now.

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New Videos!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of making videos again, so today I’ve got two for you!

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Spiritual Flu

There’s a spiritual flu going around because a lot of people are shifting in vibration or they’re just releasing a lot of stuck energy in their body.

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What Your Faith Looks Like

This is a picture I took the other week and was hesitant to share it, but maybe because of this full moon in sidereal Leo I’m feeling a little courageous and feeling like speaking from my heart to shine some light on a touchy subject.

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I started working on perfecting a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I want to “veganize” it.  I promise to share the recipe once it’s how I want it.

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Buddha Bowl

This buddha bowl just gave me life. – Lettuce – Japanese miso dressing – Boca Chik’n veggie patties –

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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Things have been meh since The Beefcake is STILL in Cali, he missed Zion’s birthday and will be missing Kingston’s BUT we got pleasantly surprised—TWICE—today.

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