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There’s a spiritual flu going around because a lot of people are shifting in vibration or they’re just releasing a lot of stuck energy in their body.


  • headache/migraine
  • major fatigue
  • vomiting/nausea
  • coughing
  • breathing issues
  • body aches

Pretty much flu symptoms but meds don’t help at all.  If anything, the medication will only make you feel worse or have you throwing up because your body is rejecting it.  These symptoms can last for up to 5 days. Your energy body is detoxing & it’s manifesting in the physical body.  Obviously, you want to see your physician and do what they prescribe, but if it doesn’t help, this is why.

What to do:

  • HYDRATE – Drink good quality water w/fresh lemon
  • DETOX – Stimulate your lymphatic system w/dry brushing & massage
  • AROMATHERAPY – Essential oils, sound healing
  • GROUND YOUR ENERGY – Walking on grass or dirt barefoot (I know it’s cold)
  • GET SOME D – Standing in the Sun, as of right now we’re all lacking in Vitamin D.  The Sun is the best source, so if you can, “eat the Sun.”
My kid has this flu and I practice what I preach, hoes! I made her stand in the sun as crazy as it sounds. Kingston started getting symptoms I put his ass outside, it never fully manifested & he’s fine today. Ask @leila_irieana if you think I’m cray cray. Get sum D!
Speaking of hydration….

Best water bottles on the market that I have found yet! Gave my limited edition one to my oldest to use for work so she left me pick one today. 40oz is a bit big and bulky so I got a 32 oz wide mouth. Loving the pop of color with the fluorescent pink lid. If you know me, you know I love black and white stripes with hot pink, so this will suffice lol. 💕🖤

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Dear Diary,

Spiritual Flu

There’s a spiritual flu going around because a lot of people are shifting in vibration or they’re just releasing a lot of stuck energy in their body.

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