March Mutable Mania


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So about that Full Moon last night, it wasn't in Libra. JS.



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March Mutable Mania started with the Mercury retrograde in Pisces (mutable) and continues with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto all in mutable signs as well. In about a week, the North and South Nodes will both be joining the party (NN in Gemini and SN in Sagittarius); hope you have you have your big girl panties on.

This is why we’ll continue to learn/read, hear and see so much ugly shit come to the surface (Pluto in Sagittarius). Look at our country, politics, celebrities, influencers—people we “look up” to (Saturn).

While it seems like a bunch of fuckery, it’s all happening to help us—as a species, nation, city, person—to change (mutable) for the better. Consciously pay attention to your intuition (Sun in Pisces), adapt to the shifts, be curious and open to change (Moon in Gemini). Learn to grow the fuck up, take responsibility for your bullshit and make the necessary changes to get on target (Sat & Plu in Sagittarius).

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Dear Diary,

Spiritual Flu

There’s a spiritual flu going around because a lot of people are shifting in vibration or they’re just releasing a lot of stuck energy in their body.

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What Your Faith Looks Like

This is a picture I took the other week and was hesitant to share it, but maybe because of this full moon in sidereal Leo I’m feeling a little courageous and feeling like speaking from my heart to shine some light on a touchy subject.

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I started working on perfecting a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I want to “veganize” it.  I promise to share the recipe once it’s how I want it.

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Buddha Bowl

This buddha bowl just gave me life. – Lettuce – Japanese miso dressing – Boca Chik’n veggie patties –

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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Things have been meh since The Beefcake is STILL in Cali, he missed Zion’s birthday and will be missing Kingston’s BUT we got pleasantly surprised—TWICE—today.

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The Beefcake

Got some pictures from The Beefcake of him putting in some works in Paradise, CA. He’s been there since last month (after Thanksgiving) helping with the fires. 

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The Sibling

My younger sibling has recently moved in with me, I’m excited and a little scared.  It happened all pretty quick. 

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