Aloha! My name is Kehau but my friends call me Saha. I’m a mother of four first, they’re the Suns in my solar system. Pretty much everything I do gravitates around how it will impact them. I know, that makes me sound so good and shit but I’m not perfect. I drop f-bombs in front of them and sometimes at them, I don’t always keep my Aries temper at bay, but all of my fucking up doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids with all of my ass — what?? It’s bigger than my heart.

I’m a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, which is just my fancy of way of saying, “HEY! If you’re looking for a plug, come here and get a card reading because I went to school for this shit.” I’ve been dabbling in new-agey-woo-woo-shit since I was a teen. My mom actually bought me my first tarot deck and crystals, even though I’ve never seen her mess with cards or do reiki. I don’t even think she’s very spiritual and she is def not religious either, so I’m not sure why she did that for me when I was in the seventh grade.

As a CMP, I specialized in predictive Astrology, Tarot, Chakras and Animal medicine. Right now, I’m back in school to become a Holistic Health Practitioner, HHP through a Natural Healing Institute that is an AADP accredit school. I’m about half way through 1200 hours, and this shit is putting me in the hole about 13k, but I know it’ll all be worth it. My hope is to become well versed in different natural healing therapies, from clinical herbology, exercise, relaxation, massage therapies, therapeutic bodywork, aromatherapy, alternative medicate and natural healing approaches for self-healing with a focus on Ayurveda therapy and nutrition.

So that’s me in a nutshell, if you want to know more, listen to my podcast, Dalai Mama & Co. You can find me pretty much anywhere podcasts are.

I believe in kindred connections at first sight. I believe in a conscious lifestyle. I believe in good ♫ & winged eyeliner. I believe carbs & explosive orgasms are the best way to woman’s heart. I believe Kundalini yoga, a trip to the farmers market & a coconut oil massage can cure any bad day. I believe a woman can never have too much essential oils, herbal teas or oracle cards. I believe in quality family time. I believe in fighting for what I love. I believe that boss babes are the most attractive girls. I believe that waking up tomorrow is a blessing & I believe that the magick surrounds us.
-yours truly