Every morning, Double D’s and I go for a morning walk at a huge park near our house. It’s great! She talks the whole time, and for once, I get to listen to all the thoughts in her mind as she verbally vomits all over me. She’s been opening up about a lot more, but I know she’s still pissed with me, but ever since she and Denzel started hanging out more, and the cats, she’s finally coming around and being much more positive.
The other day she had this crazy idea to buy a laser for the cats so she could play with them while they go bonkers chasing a red dot all over the house. While at the pet store, I noticed they had a harness and leash and thought it was be fun to buy it for Enzo (the male cat who’s much more outgoing between the two) and take him on our morning walks.

He hated it at first. We usually walk around this area 4 times, half way done with our 4th lap and he was ready to go again! I was ready to go home though, so we’ll have to do this again. It’s getting cold so maybe sometime in 2018.

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